JE Skeets

We are psyched to announce Episode 4 of The Running Related podcast! In this episode, Taylor and Stefan speak with OG podcast royalty ... JE Skeets. Skeets is co-host of the incredibly popular No Dunks podcast on The Athletic. He also co-hosted the NBA TV show, The Starters, for 6 seasons.

He started his original podcast, The Basketball Jones, in Toronto back in 2006. The podcast was then turned into a TV show on the Canadian sports network, The Score. Following the success of his show, he moved to Atlanta to work for NBA TV. He has run several marathons, and qualified for / ran the Boston Marathon in 2019.

We spoke with him about his running, his podcasting career, getting a wedgie from Shaq {see above}, hate watching The Mandalorian, running in the humidity, Atlanta, Steve Nash, and much more!

We had a blast chatting with him, and we know you will enjoy the conversation as well! Check out some of his links below, along with some sweet new No Dunks merch. Thanks again, Skeets! 

Skeet’s Instagram here.

Skeet’s Twitter here.

No Dunks podcast here.

No Dunks merch here.

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