Mack Exilus

On Episode 5 of The Running Related Podcast, Stefan and Taylor catch up with their friend and therapist, Mack Exilus. They cover an array of topics during this episode. 

Mack is a Senior Therapist at Citron Hennessey Therapy, and holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Psychology from Columbia University’s Teachers College. A native New Yorker and first generation Haitian American, he is a magnet of positivity. Mack is a therapist, actor, model, jazz head, and an active runner living in Chicago.

During this episode of The Running Related Podcast, we talk with Mack about his recent move from New York to Chicago, racism, intergenerational trauma, epigenetics, fractal patterns, the Grand Canyon, elk, micro-agressions, creativity, and much more. We get pretty deep in this one, but we think you will like it!

Find out more about Mack at the links below, and we hope you enjoy the podcast!

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