Tyna Hoang

We are thrilled to announce Episode 3 of The Running Related podcast! In this episode, Taylor and Stefan speak with the incredibly talented chef and food stylist, Tyna Hoang. We chat about being serenaded by John Legend, her amazing Em Ơi pop-up dinner parties, the Presidential election, making fake ice cubes, race and ethnicity, “dreadmills,” sports bras, breakfast tacos, crime podcasts, and of course running ... duh!

Tyna has styled for numerous cookbooks, most recently Xi’an Famous Foods and Chrissy Teigen’s mom. Her Instagram is filled with amazing food that she has cooked. Tyna has also taken her running to another level during the Pandemic, and is training for her first marathon.

We talked with her about her Vietnamese heritage, and how cooking helps her to connect with her family. She also creates amazing pop-up dinner parties under the name, Em Ơi {which means My Dear in Vietnamese}. These experiential dinners are all about the vibe, with amazing food involved!

We had a blast chatting with her, and we know you will enjoy the conversation as well! Check out some of her links below. Thanks again, Tyna! 

Tyna’s Instagram here.

Tyna’s Website here.

Em Ơi Dinner Club here.

Xi’an Famous Foods Cookbook here.

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