Early voting started this past weekend in New York. Exercising this right is a privilege, and the key to democracy in the U.S. and abroad. Runners {whether on the track or a marathon course} have often been a catalyst for change in our society at large. In fact, athletics often paves the way for a shift in our collective mindset, even before society will acknowledge that change in a meaningful way .

Take for instance Jesse Owens, Tommie Smith, or John Carlos during their respective Olympic performances. Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in Nazi Germany, by representing a country that didn’t even afford him the opportunity to vote. Tommie Smith and John Carlos took a stand for human rights, by holding up gloved fists in peaceful protest at the 1968 Olympics. 

Or look at Kathy Switzer in 1967! Following 70 years of the Boston Marathon banning women, she ran it, despite race officials literally trying to pull her off the course. Although women had a right to vote by then, Kathy fought for an equal opportunity to compete. And while Steve Prefontaine is best known for his grit on the track, he was also instrumental in the fight for fair payment for professional Olympic athletes.

Voting is our opportunity to voice our opinions, and to ensure that all voices in this country are heard. Your vote matters, and we hope you will use yours to save our parks and running trails, help create a safe environment for our future runners {regardless of race or gender}, and use your voice to help those that are less fortunate than you are. Check out the various resources below and VOTE.

Voting information for all 50 states here.

Voting information for New York here.

We endorse Joe Biden.

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